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Island of Lefkada
Lefkada is an island with wonderful sandy beaches, especially on its west coasts. Most people know the beach of Porto Katsiki in the southwest side of the island, which is full of tourists in the summer. Much bigger, equally impressive but much quieter is the beach of Egremni, a little more to the north; the only problem being that the road does not go down to the beach and visitors have to walk for about 10 minutes. Vast, quiet and spotlessly clean are the beaches of Gialos and Kathisma, where road does take visitors down to the sea. The most popular is the beach of Aghios Ioannis, with numerous clubs, restaurants and renting rooms, very close to the City of Lefkada.


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  Vasiliki, with its wide, sandy beach is one of the most popular tourist resorts, with camping sites, numerous renting rooms, excellent tavernas, clubs and coffee-houses, sea-sport facilities. Those travelling in their own boats prefer the lee bay at Sivota, where there is a nice harbour and a lovely, small sandy beach. Campers will find own paradise in Mikros Gialos with the wonderful sandy beach, the well-organised camping-site and the picturesque tavernas.
The dramatist Ioannis Zabelios (1787 - 1856), the poet and politician Aristotelis Valaoritis (1824 - 1879), the poet and novelist Angelos Sikelianos (1884 - 1951), the historian Nikos Svoronos (1911 - 1989), the poet Nanos Valaoritis and the mezzo soprano (thanx Susanne) Agnes Baltsa are only a few of the Lefkada men and women who excelled in arts.
Map of Ionian Islands
Map of Lefkada
  From 1901 to 1914 the German archaeologist Dorpfeld was searching all over Lefkada for the palace of Odysseus, believing that the Homeric Ithaca was actually Lefkada. Although he did not find the palace, he brought to surface a settlement that fllourished during the Early-Helladic and Middle-Helladic period (1900 - 1600 B.C.) and its impressive cemetery in the plain just outside the city of Nidri. When he died, in 1940, he was baried in his garden, close to the chapel of Aghia Kiriaki, on the small peninsula opposite Nidri.  
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