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Island of Lipsi
The history of Lipsi has been perennially associated with that of the neighboring, more sizeable islands and most particularly of Patmos. Like practically every other island in the Dodecanese, Lipsi are estimated to have been inhabited already at a very early stage in time, all the more since indications suggest human dwellings on this island since prehistoric times. Moreover, archaeological excavations in various parts of the island have unearthed inscriptions and pottery artifacts dating from classical times.
  Its closeness to the island of Patmos justifies estimations that Lipsi must have come under the influence of Christianity already since the 1st Century AC there are important monuments reminiscent of the early christian period, as is, for example, the three isle basilica with mosaic floors and a baptistery in "Kouselio" - estimated to have been built sometime in the 5th century AC, along with remnants of walls, parts of architectural elements and mosaic floorings in Katsadia, where the christian orthodox churches of Saint Spyridon and Saint Panteleimon also raise.

The town of Lipsi lies in the center of the island, in the innermost part of the homonymous, leeward blight. Whitewashed houses with sea-blue window frames and door casings compose this delightful settlement that has zealously been maintaining its traditional allure.



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